Friday, December 20, 2013

Ducking Ridiculous

Credit goes to the cartoonist, of course!

So yes… Apparently the Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson said some rather insensitive things about homosexuals…

Let me make one thing clear. I'm against homophobia in all its forms. I cringe at words like "faggot" and "gay", I don't consider homosexuality to be immoral, I don't care if a homosexual is homosexual - it's not my business. I'm okay with them getting married or whatever, again it isn't my business.

I'm not a liberal, though. I don't consider myself one in a political sense, maybe in a social sense, but no. I call myself the classic "fiscally conservative / socially moderate" type.

However, I am also an advocate of "Freedom of Speech". As far as I'm concerned, Robertson didn't really do anything wrong. He was being interviewed by GQ Magazine, and he stated his personal beliefs because he was asked to. He didn't outright bully a homosexual or two, if he did, then he deserves the heat. But what he did wasn't really that bad if you ask me.

And you before you yell "bigot" or whatever knee-jerk response you can muster up, I stated clearly that I'm against homophobia. His comments peeved me, but I respect that those are *his* beliefs. I can't change him, neither can you, really. Okay, he made a speech three years ago saying similar things… Okay, that's not really right, but here's the thing…

We vilify this man. You are "cool" or "acceptable" if you thrash him for his opinions, you are in the "in" crowd if you call him a "bigot" or whatever. Yet it's totally okay when somebody else does something offensive.

Miley Cyrus? Oh yeah, she's "expressing herself" or whatever. Some people were genuinely offended by what she did at the VMAs. Some people are genuinely offended by what Phil Robertson had to say. Some people are offended by other things…

We single out one offensive thing out of many because?

Political correctness is already an evil beast to begin with, it is also a selective one.

For instance, I get extremely offended when our ever-so-honest media purports the myths that people with autism or Asperger's are likely to be violent, normally "lack empathy" and are dangerous. Now why do I get offended by that? Because the media is telling mass amounts of people a lie, something that hasn't been proven. I also happen to have Asperger's and it offends me because of a few things.

The media isn't sharing a belief. People watch the news for "information", "Aspies are likely to be violent" is not information. It's smearing. It's something an ignorant person would say. If someone said that an interview, then I'd say "Whatever" and move on. But the media… The media… Is purporting this as a fact, not a view.

On the other hand, Robertson is simply saying what *he* believes. Miley Cyrus is doing what *she* wants to do. We can ignore Robertson's comments about homosexuals, we can ignore Miley's on-air twerking. It's none of our business, really.

But we can't ignore something like the media pushing a generalization like "Aspies are likely to be violent" as a fact. There's a difference, methinks. I think something like that is a bigger issue. Phil Robertson? Why the hell should we care about what he has to say? I say we just shut up and watch or not watch Duck Dynasty or whatever, not like you're endorsing homophobia by watching it. The actor just happens to have those views.

It's like what I think of Dave Mustaine whenever he says something homophobic or 9/11 Truther-y (sorry Truthers, I personally don't believe in what you have to say - but hey, it's *your* right to think and say what you believe), I still enjoy a good early era Metallica song or something by Megadeth. I'm not endorsing his homophobia or Truther views, I'm just listening to Metallica and Megadeth. If I want to buy a Megadeth album, I will. Not like he's going to use that money to nuke homosexuals or whatever… If he says he's going to do that, then I would boycott Megadeth. Simple.

Now if you're personally hurt by what Robertson had to say, you have every right to be. We get hurt by different things; there are things that upset us. His comments upset me, I didn't like how he compared homosexuality to bestiality. But I know in my mind and heart that this is what he believes, a belief in that context is not a fact in my book.

If the media on the other hand said something like that, I'd be vocal about it. I'd protest and hoot and holler. The media is really supposed to give us information (even though they don't and won't), celebrities and some random guy or gal aren't supposed to give us information.

Phil Robertson saying homosexuality is like bestiality? Whatever… That's what he thinks. Not like he's a world leader or news reporter or teacher or whatever…

The media saying homosexuality is like bestiality? Not a good thing to do. They should know better. That would be the like the President saying such a thing, as he should not.

Also, the people at A&E have every right to be upset. They have every right to call the shots. They have every right to suspend or fire Robertson from the show. I personally think it's kind of unfair to fans and viewers who want to see him on the show, but hey. It's not my decision, it's not yours either. The world is tough.

And guess what? This is all just my opinion. I'm not stating it as a fact. My blog, my opinion. You have every right to disagree. Freedom of speech, people. Good day and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.

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