Tuesday, December 3, 2013

So… What Is This?

Some of you may know me for what I've done on YouTube for the past 6 years… (Wow, it's been 6 years since I uploaded my first video… Holy smokestack lightning!) Yup, Imaxination1980!

A lot of you may know me for my three blogs:

Kyle's Animated World: Basically my take on animation news, film, music and all things animation. Occasional reviews, stuff like that. It may be predominantly an animation blog, but it's much more than that.

Kyle's Animated World - The Extra-Rambly Edition: I don't really have a description for this blog, because it's quite a few things, really. It's like my main blog, except it's uncensored and not without lots of ranting and (yes) swearing. It's also a dumping ground: Whatever is just "rambly" or ongoing nonsense just goes there, from box office predictions to "gee he sure has a lot of free time" speculation/guessing about movies, animation and stuff.

Imaxination's Video Corner: For all my YouTube subscribers and fellow Disney videocassette collectors, this is just me indulging in one of my main interests: Collecting, well… Disney videocassettes. I have a real fascination with Walt Disney Home Video's early history, and delve into things that most people probably don't even notice or care about. Or so I thought!

So… This blog… What is it going to be about? Whatever is on my mind, but sometimes with an emphasis on what I have: Asperger's syndrome.

I don't consider it a disability, but just a sort of… Thing. A thing that I consider a vital part of my life, a thing that has helped make me who I am. I believe Asperger's is a complicated conundrum, something that shouldn't ever be pigeonholed. To me, it's the kind of thing that is very, very varied. All individuals with Asperger's, from all my observations and learnings, are very different. There's no one or two common traits that immediately point out someone with Asperger's. For instance, one topic about Asperger's is social lives, well, I had trouble socially growing up. Heck, I still do to some extent! But there's probably millions of Aspies who don't have these kinds of problems.

To me, it's just a sort of thing that makes you see the world a certain way. Or maybe not! Maybe some Aspies see the world the way many do… But we can't assume the masses see the world in similar ways. Again, it's very, very complex! Also, forget the myths that you are fed. People with Asperger's can be anyone, really. I hear people say that it's a fact that Aspies lack empathy, this is far from the truth. I'm living proof that an Aspie can have empathy, I have a lot of it actually. Now perhaps some might not be able to show it, but this applies to many normals!

Anyways, I'll get that out of the way. In short, this is basically a "what I'm thinking about right now" or whatever blog. Just… Blahhh! Throwing it out there in a journal of sorts, but not everything of course! Why would I do that? Hahaha…

Enjoy your stay! Because apparently, this blog is also a resort...

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