Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Last night, a particular individual who I will simply refer to as "Marcy" tweeted something about "adults without kids who quote Disney movies". Next to her tweet were the hashtags #nope, #stopit, and #creepy…

Some people had seen the tweet and had taken offense to it. Of course, we Disney freaks know that Disney is intended for everyone of any age, so to be called "creepy" is quite mean-spirited. Now to be fair, none of us really knew this individual. But here's my question… Why the hell would you put that out there? You're asking for it when you do.

Add to the fact that some Disney people I know follow and communicated with this person before, so why does she feel the way she does about Disney and fans who quote their films? Or better yet, is she living under a rock? Ever since the Second Golden Age of Animation, it's been okay to like animated features that are aimed at family audiences.

So someone came up with the idea of sending this individual Disney quotes. #SendMarcyADisneyQuote

I did this, and so did many others last night. We weren't trying to be mean, we were simply having fun and screwing around. We were hoping our quotes would combat her ignorance and she'd realize that it wasn't quite nice to call us "creepy". A little punishment of sorts. As a good friend of mine put it, it was meant to be playful. We weren't telling this woman to go fuck herself or to eat shit. We didn't call her names, we just quoted Disney films.

This morning, some people voiced their concerns; they disapproved of our actions.

One side said it was pointless and stupid to rag on a random individual for saying something about Disney. Okay, there is some truth to it, but I'll get to my reasoning in a second.

The other side said we were mean-spirited, rude, we harassed her, yadda yadda yadda. Sending her quotes in that manner was not harassment in my eyes; calling her names and telling her to go fuck herself is harassment. I think people on that side are too sensitive.

Back to the first side, and that the whole "it was stupid to rag on this person" thing. Was it stupid? Maybe, maybe not. Why's that? Because I went through something similar for posting something stupid and foolish not too long ago.

I won't elaborate on what it was that I posted (I'm trying to put this episode behind me, I'm still upset at what I did), I'll just say this: It was unintentionally ignorant and a bit insulting. I didn't realize it until a group of animation fanatics happen to see it and were understandably ticked off. The discussion wasn't pretty; and in some cases, a few commenters went a little over the top in my eyes (one said something like "I guess this guy and I wouldn't be friends" or "I wouldn't want to be friends with this guy")… This was all over a blog post that didn't set out to demean anybody. I was criticizing someone for what he had said about something, I didn't name-call. I just said that I felt he was doing something wrong.

So what did I do upon reading these comments? I was horrified, how could I have been so foolish and ignorant? I deleted the post and apologized to the group upon seeing them. I got an "it's ok" from one of the commenters, and those who said those things about me liked the apology post. I simply, like an adult, owned up to my mistake and as a result, I have learned something. I'm careful when I write rants on my main blog now, you never know who will come across it! Also, those commenters did not know who I was. We didn't know who Marcy was.

In fact, I even went as far as re-reading what that person I criticized had said and understood his article a lot more clearly, and I wrote a response that didn't criticize him, this time I supported him and his argument.

This woman didn't own up. She instead said to someone who was defending her, "Well they proved my point." Obviously she doesn't care that she singlehandedly insulted a group of people who have done nothing to her. It might've been a mindless insult that we all should've taken with a grain of salt, but damn it, it is mean and she put it out there on social media for people to see, not to mention she was friends with some Disney-loving people in the first place. Of course she was going to get heat!

That would be like me putting on Twitter "Sports fans are idiots" or whatever, while knowing that a lot of sports fans follow me and I follow a lot of sports fans. You just don't do that, no matter what you think of that person's interests. (For the record, I have nothing against sports fans.) Don't understand why childless adults quote Disney? Don't think about them then, don't put it out there that adults doing something you don't understand bothers you so greatly. Don't insinuate that it's wrong, maybe Google "Who do adults like Disney" first. Not that hard.

Back to the responses/supposed "bullying"… Was it right of those people in that animation group to voice their frustrations about my blog post and my foolishness? Was it right for some of those commenters to say things like "I wouldn't want to be that guy's friend"?

Was it right of us to send Marcy some harmless Disney quotes in attempt to make her realize what she said about us was foolish?

I have no answer for this. People, especially on the Internet, react to something that upsets or offends them personally. I'm sure you would at something that upsets you, we all pretty much do. If you don't, then kudos to you, I respect that. I wish I could feel that way too! I guess I'm too emotionally weak and stupid to do so.

But again, I experienced a similar issue and I said that night upon reading those comments, "You know what? I brought this on myself." I didn't yell, "Poor me! Everyone's bullying me over an honest mistake I made!" No one really came to my defense, nor did I want anyone to do so. No, I should not have made that mistake in the first place so I sought to smooth the ruffled feathers. Marcy should have known better, and that's why we got on her. Plus, her tweet was pretty offensive to some of us, not to mention ignorant. Worse, she didn't own up to it. She instead insulted us again in a childish way, "See? I'm right, you're all wrong!" *blows raspberry*

Those commenters could've just looked at my post that night and said, "Eh, stupid guy, stupid blog post. Moving on!" But they didn't.

So was it wrong or right? I don't know, but having gone through something like that myself, I believe what we did to Ms. Marcy wasn't particularly bad nor was it particularly good. It was a consequence happening. I'm not proud of it now, but I'm not ashamed either. Next time someone says something shitty or mean, I'll just be like "Whatever floats your boat." I guess retaliating or criticizing someone is not okay to some people out there, and I respect that. Sorry if I offended y'all, but it's what I felt was right even if it might not have been. I won't next time, as I discovered today, some friends of mine just don't approve of that.

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